I am the 3rd Bedingfield

from by Camp Shy



today i was happy for the longest time
that i have managed in quite some time
staring nervously into your eyes
then i got home
and nosed back into the pit
but i dragged myself out of it
it was hard but i get stronger every day
doesnt have to be this way
I can feel again

I can be fierce
I can shout
I can stand up for what I care about
I wont let you defeat me
pack the world with fear but I'll still be here
four long years I've let you get to me
but I swear we'll have our revenge one day
when you come begging
to see the beauty of the world we built without you

I try to imagine living in your head
it seems so foreign filled up with
spite, envy and determination to
rip out the hearts
of anyone who still believes in community
put a price tag on everything

we're growing stronger every day
doesn't have to be this way
we can all be free


from Camp Shy, released July 1, 2016




Camp Shy London, UK

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